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In the old town of Jerusalem, the Arabs and the Jews were always “meet late”.
Or Israel, the endless Israel.
Speaking of Israel, can not fail to mention the security of Israeli air – that is recognized by the world’s most stringent, the most complicated, the most time-consuming security procedures. Rabbit in May last year, the Israeli tour, back and forth are taken by the Israeli air flight, but also to personally reflect the “world of the most.”
Now, Israel is fighting again. Are the nations of the world tense and the Israelis? Still working as usual, the Israeli airplane is still around the world back and forth. The war is no longer the country panic, founding 60 years, they in addition to the five times we know the Middle East war, but also every day in the face of local war, suicide bombings, assault and assassination, disputes and riots … … You think that this is the “country will not country”, and wrong, which did not prevent Israel to firmly walk in the road of modernization (2007, Israel’s per capita GDP more than 30,000 US dollars, ranking the world’s top 20).
It is because of the special security environment of the country, with the “every box there may be a bomb,” the approximate paranoid suspicious and fear. As a result, security will become a major event to safeguard national security, sloppy.
That day, 9 pm take off the flight, we were asked to arrive at the airport five hours in advance.
Originally wanted to sum up the security process, just see a netizen has been summed up, very comprehensive, the rabbit would like to be lazy, or quote him (Article Source: http: //blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4a4ade7901008sni.html; Author: “Love blazing tart.”)
Smooth through the method of security (only in the case of your heart magnanimous):
1, unless you have a full grasp of English, or when asked: Do you speak English?
* You can not hear the words, or your answer to make people different. Do not worry about communication problems, next to there will be a translation of the flight to ensure that you listen to understand every word.
2, listen to understand the problem, to truthfully answer, not for privacy or some kind of consideration, trying to make themselves look more innocent.
* Over the years, the formation of a set of effective inquiry system, the question or between the relevance, once found a little inconsistent, they have reason to doubt the whole answer. This will ask more questions, are out mixed (play), why bother?
3, usually asked questions are: you to the purpose of Israel? Have you ever known in Israel? Who is your baggage? Do you know what’s in your luggage? Did you go to other Middle Eastern countries before that? Is there anything to help others with? Has the luggage been around you? Have anyone else touched your luggage?
* The relationship between Israel and many Middle Eastern countries is very sensitive. After we went to the airport of Israel, we had seen a man who had been detained for a long time because of a lot of other Middle Eastern countries’ passports. It is said to have been repeatedly asked to go to those countries to do something.
* These very simple questions, may be repeatedly asked. If it is true, every answer will not be the same as the answer. The crew will ask to confirm that your answer is no loopholes when the end of the inquiry.
Maybe you will feel that it is a matter of course and will feel tired. But it is precisely this system of clever place. During the inquiry, your words and deeds are seen in the eyes. They think that boredom may make some people exposed.
4, ask the pass after the inquiry staff will decide whether your luggage need to open the inspection. Usually go to Israel alone, the luggage will be checked very carefully. Or if they have enough time, every passenger will be asked to open the baggage.
* After opening the baggage, the crew will use the detector, a layer of luggage inside the detection of items. If you have any questions, you will ask “what is this” and then open the check.
* Single to go to the people, and even the items in the luggage all removed, on a big basket, one by one check.
No matter what kind of way you meet, you must maintain a sense of balance. Your words and deeds, this time is still being observed.
* After all, for us, strict security is not a bad thing, the safety of the aircraft is what we hope.
Rabbit experienced, basically the same as above. Lucky and strange is that we are in Beijing airport or airport in Israel, have not been “pick in” baggage for inspection. It seems that the rabbit in the eyes of the people who have been judged as “security personnel” “trustworthy passengers” and the like. Ah! At the Tel Aviv airport, there is a single woman in front of the rabbit is asked to see all the luggage, one by one all read, including underwear and women’s supplies are not let go, a full toss for half an hour before the release Good sympathy ah!
It is said that the Israelis are proud of this security program. They do not like the Americans, people and take off their shoes in addition to trousers, and only so “Sven” check the way to complete.
It is said that after 911, the flight safety inspection method suddenly aroused the attention of national airlines, to the airline president David Helmash said his office phone since then ringing, hoping to provide advice to navigation The On September 13th, the first plane was allowed to fly over New York to international flights; in 48 hours, New York to Tel Aviv’s route opened 16 times. In the world’s largest airlines in the reduction of shifts, the reduction of personnel in the case of the aircraft but rented three aircraft to meet the needs of non-stop growth. Because in such a state of panic, the way the security of the anti-resort to become the world’s most secure airline.
On the Israeli aviation, need to add that is, fly back from Tel Aviv, when landing in Beijing bumps very powerful! People’s planes are slowly landing, but the flight is simply called “subduction” landing! Made the whole machine people are not out of the atmosphere … … that moment my mind appeared in the war scenes! Until the plane completely landed dare to breathe. That time a serious suspicion: the Israeli aviation pilots must be a fighter origin! At least the training of fighters! When there is no war to open the air passenger aircraft, but a moment can not change the operating practices … …

Israel provides that students travel, must have a soldier soldiers behind.

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