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Sunshine teenager, Israeli soldier
In Israel, in addition to the entry and exit, where the security can be seen where the armed soldiers, in fact, in your daily life, in the restaurant, on the streets, in the tourist attractions, I guess where you can go to any place, Can see the soldiers figure – when they are wearing plain clothes, looks no different with ordinary young people, but they – carrying a gun!
This scene, I was surprised at first.

After returning from Jordan to Jordan and entering Jerusalem, we had dinner at the hotel. A young man is caught in the restaurant bustling crowd, line up to eat, and a spear accidentally on his shoulders. GOD, which is in the restaurant Oh, *% · # ¥! *)! I like to see monsters, secretly, secretly, glanced at him several glances, but others, and other people around him, simply do not change color, is completely turned a blind eye.

Look, another! Also, also, also, guns it. I hastily secretly, secretly, raised the camera, my heart called a fear. The soldiers down nothing to see the waiter that eyes, quasi-like me when the heterogeneous.

On the street, the young man on the back of the gun is calling. He and a school student, an ordinary young people, what is the difference?
The soldiers who carry guns everywhere are because the young people of Israel are in military service. Volunteers have one day a week holiday, can be sent to barracks, with the casual. Just wherever you go, you must be away from the hand. This gun can not be taken by outsiders, such as family for him to carry for a while, is not enough. I saw in the restaurant that “double gun”, guess is for his companion back?

 Israel’s 1959 military service law stipulates that all citizens of the age of 18 years of age should be obliged to serve military service, men’s service period of 36 months, women 18 months. But the Arabs are exempt from military service; students who specialize in the education of the Talmud are exempt from military service. This basic principle follows today.

So even to see the female soldiers, but also not surprising.

When I was young, I had been worshiping the soldiers. More tangible ah, how powerful ah, handsome ah, ha ha!

Look at this team of soldiers, is well-trained, mighty majestic soldiers, or more like a group of vibrant, inexperienced, slapstick play sunshine juvenile?
After the Great Dispersion of the Israelites, through the Nazi crazy Tuyu blood of the Jews, through the hardships of the establishment of the State of Israel, their dream of their homes, from all over the world Jews have immigrated to this “God promised land”, brought Different religions, ideas, culture. Israel to barracks as a place to improve national unity, consciously let young people under different backgrounds to achieve the unity of living habits and ideas.
In addition to accept military training, military service, but also to accept the system of cultural and educational, military thinking and national defense security education. Before the Holocaust Memorial Hall, we saw a team of visiting soldiers. They should be recruited into the army soon, to accept patriotic education.
What would they become when they grew up in the barracks?

such? This is a sentinel on the west wall (Wailing Wall).

Or is that so? This is the guard at the parliament building. Smiling, very kind, very patient to accompany tourists to take pictures, to remind visitors to pay attention to the past vehicles. Because of the backlight, we want him to change the angle, he was politely refused. Because of his duty, must always keep the station facing the road.
Our translation is the university after the military service, he said he did not like military service, because it wasted his three years of study time. When he went to college, the peers of other countries in the world had gone to the junior year. Perhaps it is because of the experience of the barracks, the Israeli young people seem mature than their peers.
It is undeniable that Israel’s military power is world famous, and those famous figures in the history and political arena, such as Rabin and Salon, have had an army background. But more ordinary soldiers, but it is a fresh life, they may not choose professional career, their life is still very broad stage.
How many young people in the Middle East took away the lives of many people, and now the Middle East chaos again, I hope people can always stay away from the war and smoke, so that young people back to the campus, so that should be brilliant youth, do not instantly disappear in the fire in.

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