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2600 years ago, Babylon, stands a walk of exotic flowers, breathtaking air garden – hanging park, also known as the ancient Babylon sky garden. The rolling wheel of history makes us look at her beauty in the dust.
Today, however, I have the privilege of seeing the world’s largest city in the sea – Haifa. This is a back to the holy mountain Carmela, with the golden dome of the main building as the center, nineteen level ladder divergence and cloth, the integration of the Eastern architectural style of the Holy Land – Baha’i Park. It was a young religion, with less than two hundred years of history. This is also a very energetic religion, its highest purpose is to create a new world civilization, the real realization of human beings.
Although it is in the Jewish state, where every morning 9 to 12 will be open to tourists. Every fifteen minutes, there will be a volunteer of the Baha’i teachers who will take you on a given course to visit their holy places. But because of the relationship between passenger flow, most of the time here are Hebrew and Russian interpretation. English every day in theory only one wave. (Group should be able to book, the specific can see the following official website)
Facing the sea, the distance is the famous Haifa port. Now still busy the first big harbor, is the link to the Mediterranean and the Red Sea on the road north of the traffic. The harbor passes through the German colonial street at the foot of the Baha’i Park.

Flowers like a beautiful coat, every season Bahá’í Garden will be replaced by the color of the season. Legend of the annual Bahá’í Garden maintenance costs around 4 million.

Walk in the garden, every detail reveals the Bahá’í teach each director, the idea of the world Datong.

This is the museum of Bahá’í, save a lot of precious cultural relics. I later learned that Bahá’í Park had already been listed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO.

Stay in such a magnificent sanctuary, you will feel the water like a pearl necklace necklace will generally Bahá’í Garden 19 steps ladder together. Like the teachings of the wise through the heart.

Is not this the pagoda and the dragon?  Even around the pagoda circle contains the meaning of the East’s meaning. The The The The The Really big world ah ah

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