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November 25 (Friday) sunny
These days of travel is still relatively tense, so after dinner to go back to the room to sleep, my wife is lying down to sleep, I intend to write the diary but not too much eyelids too slow thinking, and only turn off the lights to sleep The Early to bed and get up early in the morning to write a diary, to start at six o’clock, today I wanted to take pictures of the hotel, but unfortunately the hotel next to a site, where his garden I did not find. And the morning is very cool, I quickly back to the room in the window shot the sunrise in Jerusalem, Jerusalem built in a hill package, from top to bottom patchwork sun ray from the sky slightly red, thousands of lights of Jerusalem gradually bright It was very spectacular, and I took a few shots.

Breakfast is still the case, I just fill his stomach. 7:30 on the train starting today is the first stop of the Temple Mount Witch Wall, Jerusalem, two parts of East and West is the old city has more than four hundred years ago the ancient city, the West is built after the founding of Israel, the road of Jerusalem It is very good, he has a lot of small satellite city, and some are one of the eight enclaves of Palestine (in the land of Israel there are eight Palestinian Arabs living areas such as Bethlehem, Jericho, etc.) so in the city In the wall, I first saw the wall. We wear from the West to the East Side, there is no difference in the structure of the house, are made of Jerusalem stone plus reinforced concrete two or three layers of the house. In Israel there are more than 1.6 million Arabs in the old town of Jerusalem, the Arabs are more concentrated. We arrived at the temple of the temple came to the wall of the wall, which had a large stone on the top of the temple. At dawn the king had built a majestic sanctuary, destroyed and destroyed. Destroyed the fire Jews were expelled from their homes, no longer able to rebuild the temple, the temple of the holy temple on the site of the Arabs established the Jinding mosque next to the establishment of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the original temple of a wall became The walls of the mosque is now the Wailing Wall, and now the wall is only sixty or seventy meters long female and male with two parts.

When we went to the Jewish Sabbath on Friday and the early morning of the Jewish people, a large number of Jews rushed to the temple, we went to the Wolves to go through the security of the Arabs are not allowed to enter, those “Babbitt” (Priests) who can take a bus. We see the devil in the wall of the wonders of the devil who dressed in a big gown (white blue side) with the scriptures holding the book side of the face of the wrestling wall swinging and swinging his head and said his voice, And some of the believers sat down and prayed to the wall. I also went to the wall of the wall to take a circle to take a lot of photos, into the Wailing Wall can not wear a hat, a Jewish hat for people to use I also wear a do also do the Jews. There are many “Babe” they wear black suit dress black leather shoes, wearing a black gift cap hair on both sides to keep two big braids, the elderly must leave a beard, the rules seem very strict. We saw a mother crying on the wall and praying her daughter holding her legs is also very interesting prayers, religious subtlety is terrible, we photographed this photo. See all this I believe that the Arab-Israeli conflict is a stone war This religion is much more complex than the political differences. From the wall we went to the mountain we travel to Mount Zion, which is located in the temple opposite the Mount Hill Hill, we first overlooking the Arabs of Jerusalem living area, I think there is no difference with the other area is only old houses The We are in the mountains overlooking the Golden Summit and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, but also to see the garden of Jerusalem, the cemetery in the temple next to the hillside, because the temple from the temple near the king’s son also buried here so the most expensive cemetery here In the end we arrived at Chicken Church, which Jesus said to his great disciple Peter at the end of the last communion, “You will betray me three times before the dawn of cock.” Peter said, “How can I be with you? Betrayed you. “There were two maids officers in the near future asking Peter:” What is the accent and your fellow man is your man? “Peter firmly denied:” I do not know him. “This three days of bright chicken And when Peter knew that he had betrayed Jesus, he cried out on the stone, so he built a church called Chicken Church, meaning that no matter who you made the mistake, but as long as you could repent of Jesus would forgive you. Here was the official home, when Jesus was arrested overnight was locked in his cellar, and later built a church in recent years, a French reconstruction, and now the church is very beautiful. Israel is in place for the protection of cultural relics, Jerusalem has thousands of years of history, as long as you dig a shovel soil may encounter cultural relics, that Jerusalem do not move to build, and they are still new, their way is to retain monuments In the monument on the vacated building, so the church below we visited the year less than 4 square meters of the cellar. After the tour guide again in the regional model for us to introduce Judaism and Islam’s grudges in the story of the stone, deepened my impression. We went to Bethlehem, Bethlehem was one of the eight enclaves of Palestine, in the Jewish mountains of the city of Jerusalem but with separate walls, the Jews were not free to enter, and the Palestinians had access to security. There is no difference between inside and outside the wall, the Arabian house in the wall is very high and beautiful, the road is very smooth, the facilities are also very full, and water, electricity, coal, etc. are responsible for Israel, that heavily armed militia police everywhere, the whole market Very calm. We went to visit the most famous Christian cathedral, which is the birthplace of Jesus, the church is very distinctive “one three teachings,” said the middle is the East Church is very old mosaic murals, tiles that authentic Orthodox arrangement and We are as gorgeous as the arrangement of the Orthodox Church in Moscow, where Petersburg sees, but there are Armenian Orthodox arrangements. On the left is the Catholic Church, on the right is the most important place where Christianity was born. More than two thousand years ago Jesus was born in the manger outside Bethlehem’s small hotel, where the manger was now in the basement of five or six meters underground. Queued into the basement to visit the manger, lampstand, fanatic believers praying in the small basement worship. The tour guide said that today people are not many people are more people on the square, to Christmas is Bethlehem human sea. In addition, the door of the church is very interesting The original building of the door is a big change once, but later changed to the present look, and now the door only one person out and must bend over, the tour said because the Turkish soldiers (then ruler) riding Into the church, the other church also teach people humble bent into the church.

In the basement of the Catholic Church there was a great translator, Jeremy, who lived here for more than thirty years and translated the Bible into Latin, so the basement became a translation room. Out of the church we walked in the streets of Bethlehem happened to meet the Arab parade, people are not much hoarse, the police militia have come, and no one is very common onlookers. Out of Bethlehem our bus toward the Dead Sea, this way I seem to have met, we walked yesterday. The dead sea is, on the border, all the way to the desert but there are a lot of pieces of coconut trees tall and tall and spectacular, it is said that the property here is the wine and olive oil, here is the disputed area, is now the Israeli jurisdiction, so very few There is building. We walked for two hours to a settlement of people’s communes to eat, in the vicinity of the facilities is better. Jewish rice and Arabian rice I am tired of eating a little rice for the satiety. After dinner and then along the dead seaside and walked an hour to reach the Dead Sea bath, which is the territory of Israel’s Dead Sea is safe here, it is a simple bath people still a lot, changing the condition of the shower is hot water, For a swimwear and then walk a hundred meters to the Dead Sea bath, which is a small bay of the Dead Sea is not big, the water is not deep, visitors from all countries are here to experience the buoyancy of the Dead Sea, the salt at the beach that white salt Arranged, the dead sea of black mud for people to apply skin care. I and my wife are swimsuit ready for the water, I stood in the Dead Sea, the water is not cold, but if the whole body into the water up the wind blowing will be cold, I’m afraid just stomach can not stand, act decisively I decided to only bubble in the water bubble Floating, I did not do my wife also followed in the sea to play forget.

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