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five cake two fish hall with grilled fish
Travel is the classroom, and in Israel, the Christian “quota” course “every day, this way of field teaching by the cat favorite, of course, the class also need to rest, add physical strength, then come back to organize” classroom notes ” Of the time, it is natural to put the famous song of Jesus “five cake two fish hall” with the local delicious grilled fish linked together, the nature of the cat immediately exposed.

 (Look rushed to the nuns through the five cake two fish hall in the ancient mosaic pattern of the floor)
Travel in Israel, one thing has always been incredible, many places, such as Jericho, Bethlehem, Nazarene, Galilee (Tiberias), Capernaum, Jerusalem, these names have not changed for thousands of years , Like the local currency “Shekel” as early as in the Bible is “Shekel”, which may be the most fascinating place in Israel, because you will have a kind of crossing the tunnel through the surprise.

Lake Galilee is a generic English call, the Arabs call it “Lake Tiberias”, because the west side of the lake is the famous tourist city of Tiberias, the Jews called it “Kennerite Lake”, meaning For the harp, because the lake looks like a harp. Lake is not large, 21 km long, 12 km wide, the total area of only 170 square kilometers, but it is crystal clear, like the soul of the collection of people, this calm lake, was the stage of Jesus preaching, all kinds of miracles, including So that the lake calm the wind, walking in the water as well as five cake two fish, etc., are in this stage.

It is said that when Pope Paul II visited this place, more than fifty thousand of the followers from all over the world were crowded with the lakeside road where we were walking now. Fortunately, when we came more quiet, cats most afraid of the many attractions. And the whereabouts of the five cookies and the miracles are the place on the northwest of Galilee called Tabuga. It is said that Tabgha is the Greek word “seven springs” typos, and now people only found six of them spring, because the spring water temperature than the Galilee Lake to promote the formation of seaweed, which attract fish gathered, ancient and modern fishermen are gathered, Where the spring is also rich in oil. Here in the Byzantine Empire, the construction of a monastery, after the destruction of reconstruction, and then destroyed and built, as many times, now known as the “five cake two fish hall.”

“Five Pie Erqi” is a miracle recorded by the Bible in the Lord Jesus: about five thousand men a day (another number of women and children) gathered here to listen to Jesus preaching, to the time of eating, It was difficult to supply so much food, when there was a child with five barley bricks and two fish, and he offered the “five cakes and two fish” to Jesus. At that time all the disciples believe that “five cake two fish” to five thousand people, how to get it? Jesus commanded the disciples to sit down in rows, about fifty people in every row. Jesus picked up the bread and the fish to see the day to thank, the food broke apart one by one to the crowd, a miracle appeared, everyone is not enough to eat, after the remaining food actually filled with twelve baskets, This is an important miracle, the four volumes of the Gospels are described separately.

 (The amateur window and the door is very charming)

Now the church is later built, but inside the church before the Byzantine mosaic stone, has not been damaged, stone carved on the “five cake two fish” pattern has become a marker of Lake Galilee, cat also noted The ground a lot of precious mosaic pictures, the same is very precious. And the garden of the pond duckweed under the fish leisurely swim, full of life, nuns chatting freely, here is not like the magnificent cathedral in Europe as solemn, the hometown of Jesus Feeling more cordial and approachable.
Less than the class, the cat is also hungry, I heard that the lake called “St. Peter fish” from ancient times is very famous, then as those names, is it also “spread” so far? Noon can not wait to verify a bit, really very delicious, we are the lakes of the lake is a franchise tourism “kibbutz”, inside the grilled fish restaurant has become the choice here to visitors.

Restaurant on the lake, this is actually a very large artificial freshwater lake, rich in fish, there are carp, carp, catfish, trout and so on. The famous “St. Peter fish” there is a story, said the fisherman Peter followed Jesus after the blessing of God, whenever he went out of the lake fishing will be rewarding, so he hit the fish to his name to name. According to Matthew 17, the priesthood is levied on the Lord Jesus, who, in order to avoid them, is called Peter to go fishing, and the fish that are caught in the mouth of the fish contains gold coins, enough for the Lord Jesus and Peter to pay taxes.

And the delicious St. Peter the fish in Israel, it is estimated that should be equivalent to roast duck in Beijing, perhaps because of religious reasons, Israel has never been known to produce food, the Jewish people in strict compliance with the doctrine, the picky for the ingredients is rare in the world, So this trip to eat so delicious fish, really memorable. The fish is fried or baked, salt, and then poured with fresh lemon juice, taste delicious and delicious. Cats and three under two to kill one, satisfied with the disk looked at a complete fishbone, very fun, so together with the “five cake two fish hall,” the story together, “digested.”
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