into the mysterious Israel _ travels

February 4, 2011 (New Year’s Day) night wind, destroy the window lattice, fear of the weather, but fortunately only wind, not that day in the Nepalese mountains so cold.
Israel, only once
Wake up, the window has been light rain. 6:30 departure, 11: 09 get off waiting from Jordan into the territory of Israel. Very long team, people crowded, the local people no shame of the plug, jump queue. Not into the security hall, the first baggage by the staff pulled up the rope pulled up, people line up outside. Soldiers with plain clothes: sweatshirts, casual pants, sneakers, shoulder fist, face expressionless watch the long queue. People have security door, and some off the jacket, and some off the shoes (shoes, such as metal buckle, but also to the conveyor belt). Our team did not know what the problem, long wait, legs are fine. Several times to ask, say no problem, but to wait. And then ask, or to wait, that is not found in the computer records and so on. Behind the line of people back off, including a Hong Kong group. Row of four different teams, and finally had the last hurdle, from the stack in the middle of the luggage to find their own, and ultimately by the tour guide. This twists and turns, chaos and disorder, a full two hours. Tourists even said sorry, because the recent encounter in the Egyptian domestic demonstrations and other events, the Middle East situation is volatile, so the security is particularly strict. For me, the Israeli immigration to tourists so neglect, delay, so inefficient, killing the next will not come again (Note: If the future security is not so strenuous, or can go, huh, huh. Especially when I read “the history of Israel”, the country is more curious about the curiosity). Waiting to see a few people were called alone to go elsewhere for security, even the clothes pocket inside the coins, passports were photographed by the instrument again.
Israel tour guide English is very nice, pure beauty. Translation is a barbed little tall man, Chinese is very good, he stayed in China for 7 years, Tianjin, the Chinese name is Ni Can, married back to a Taiwan wife.
Lunch is a self-help, half an hour to solve, a large canteens like a row of dinner, rice, two prime a meat (beans hummus, baked potatoes, fish, beef balls, chicken three election), salad self- A soup, tomato slices soup. Saturn, but fine, less than Jordan.
Dead sea water, really bad drink
Dead Sea (DEAD SEA), it is an infinite dream and fascinating places. Unfortunately, cloudy, and under the rain, water and day mixed into one color. Is there no waves in front of this, there is no color, slightly vast and monotonous water, is that the famous Dead Sea? Very ordinary Oh
This is the way I imagined, poor far ah. Is not the sea of pure blue, floating on the sea a lot of people are in the leisurely day reading, read the newspaper look like Well. The sea, how nobody ah?

Perhaps we are too late, has more than four in the afternoon, swimming people, ready to go home ~ ~ ~

The sea precipitation a lot of salt ah.

Side of this lonely wooden sign, is telling us that the lake is 417 meters above sea level it bar.

I rented a towel on the shore of the locker, 20 new Israeli shekel or 6 dollars, back to 10 Shekel, put on swimsuits.
Dressing a few tens of meters from the seaside, this red path leads to the beach. A few are not prepared to the sea MM has long been at the beach, “vigilant”, waiting for me in the past it Not the sea has already started Kacha on, hey, my strong ah, in any case can not hide, and glance. But … but …, in order to the Dead Sea, fight it! Otherwise, not white?
Today, about 20 degrees, the beginning of the sea, the water cooler, at the foot of gravel, the water seems slippery in the legs. And then walked into a few steps, daring back, Oh yeah, really drift up it Just did not find a good balance, hands and feet plan, straight to turn a child. And later found the law, the first down to the ground, really do not worry will sink. Steady live after the hard down to sit down, like the following things like holding the same, simply not by you sinking. At this time people like sitting in the boundless, invisible cradle. No wind and waves, to hand for oars, water and line

Tour guide repeatedly told us, do not drink water. Sylvester Stallone drank a few saliva when making a movie here. I did not want to try to drink water, did not dare to do swim. Because if the head down, it is easy to drink water, so in the Dead Sea can not swim, generally with his back face, comfortable floating. However, I accidentally when the water, a small piece of Mercury children into the mouth, Oh that bad mood, really salty and astringent and bitter. This is just a little bit of Mercury ah, really if you drink a, oh, not difficult to blame it
Floating in the water easily, stand up hard. Ready to ashore, struggling in the shallow half a day before the foot step on the real bottom. Readily grabbed a stone of the sea, was actually crystal, white salt! The salt content of this sea is indeed high ah. My hand to the water that a sense of panic, only to think of a broken finger on a small hole. Usually did not feel out, to the Dead Sea, the pain suddenly amplified, this time can really taste the “wound on the salt” taste.
The dead sea of the book
Do you remember the Dead Sea on a geography book? Review it now. It is the world’s lowest lake, is the world’s deepest salt lake, the most salty lake. Lake 67 km long, 18 km wide, an area of 810 square kilometers, the deepest 380 meters. Lake water salinity of 300g / L, 8.6 times for the general sea water. Dead sea salt up to 30%, is the second place on the earth’s salt water.
Because the proportion of water in the Dead Sea is 1.17-1.227, while the proportion of the human body is only 1.02-1.097, the proportion of water than the proportion of the human body, so people will not sink.
Because of the high salt content of water, in addition to bacteria other animals and plants is difficult to survive, so it is called “dead sea”.

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