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In 1947, United Nations Resolution 181 established a “two-nation program” to tackle the question of Palestine and Israel, namely the establishment of a Jewish-dominated State of Israel and an Arab-dominated Palestinian State and the division of land. Immediately, Israel declared its founding in 1948 and joined the United Nations in 1949; but the Palestinians thought that the land of the United Nations was unfair and that the lesser Jews had acquired more land, and perhaps even deeper, they did not want to recognize Israel’s founding.

 Until the fifth Middle East war, Palestine declared its founding in 1988, which has so far been recognized by more than 130 countries, but it has not been recognized by the United Nations, which means that Palestine can only be regarded as a region rather than a country. Later, these years, the Palestinian proposal again and again, again and again by the United States and Israel and other countries rejected. However, as early as 1988, China recognized the Palestinian state and established diplomatic relations with it.

 Hamas, led by the relatively peaceful Arafat, and Hamas, led by the holy war, were two of the Palestinians, especially Hamas, now occupying the Gaza Strip, which had been recognized by the West as a terrorist organization The This is also a reason we can not get close to Gaza. The parliamentary organization, because it is relatively peaceful, has always been a representative of the Palestinian side of the United States and other countries, but again and again the opportunity to lose, so that the idea of Palestinian founding is still the idea. The The The The The The The

 Palestine The best East Jerusalem area, referring to the east of Jerusalem, is the same as Jerusalem, the mountains, four seasons a year, cold and rainy winter, typical Mediterranean climate. Close to the big cities so that they share the benefits of the city economy, the Palestinians in East Jerusalem is the best living in the Middle East a group of Palestinians, about the equivalent of 20 years ago, the level of small cities in China, can imagine other regions of the Palestinian How hard life is. The next figure is the best town of Bethlehem in Palestine, where Jesus is the birthplace and attracts a large number of visitors every year.

 Most of the religious aspects of the Palestinians are Muslims, they are Arabs, once the warriors who have driven the Romans, today can not beat the powerful Israel and the United States behind it. In general: the living conditions of the Palestinians are heartbreaking, have their own reasons, and the reason for Israel. The unemployment rate in the Palestinian Gaza Strip is as high as 49 per cent, and about 80 per cent of people live below $ 2.3 per day. Of course, the Israeli government denied the report. To know the true situation of Palestine, it should be their own to see, the media often misinterpreted. According to my observation, the status quo of the Palestinians is like living in a huge prison, and everything around it is controlled by Israel. The level of the prison is different, and the people near Jerusalem live a little better.

 Through the Palestinian wall; when you walk in Israel (naturally also covers Palestine) less than 22,000 square kilometers of land, only really feel what is “I have you, you have me.” Any unilateral action taken by the two peoples in a disputed area can not solve the problem. Of course, that is why we always hear the “West Bank” or “Gaza” often broke out of the reasons for small-scale conflict.

 If the territory of Israel is Hebei Province, then the Palestinian region (except Gaza) is equivalent to Beijing. Two ethnic residential areas artificially separated by barbed wire, but all the way through, but it is “I have you, you have me.” It is difficult to distinguish between each other!

 The wall is composed of a few meters of reinforced concrete walls, barbed wire, high voltage power grids and electronic monitoring systems, and is guarded by Israeli patrols and sentries, separated by 16 settlements in the 360 square kilometers of Gaza However, these security fences and road warning areas accounted for 10% of the Gaza area, and the two sides shared the road, and had to set up a 2-meter-tall reinforced concrete in the middle. The soldiers of Israel, who preferentially released the Jewish license, were able to look at the walls of the two countries.

 In 2004 the International Court of Justice decided to build this wall illegal. The decision of the International Court of Justice was supported by 14 of the 15 judges, and only one judge objected that the judge was the country, and I did not say that the Israeli side had refused to accept the decision. If there is no terrorism, there will be no separation wall. They do not know what kind of danger Israel faces, in what state life “.

 The Great Wall of the past, the modern wall of the high-tech guarding the past the Great Wall momentum rainbow, and now repair a short section when the attractions of the Berlin Wall also left a short section when the attractions of the Israeli barrier is now the most glorious After you see the official if you do not hurry to see, and so the day to peace, and the wall of a demolition, but also left a small section when the attractions of the nail brand “world cultural heritage” that you can only see my Picture of the picture.

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