2008, my rivers and lakes, swords and dreams – travels

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is like the tree and the wall, the walls are overwhelmed and overwhelmed; and the door looks like a hole,
(May 2008 in Angkor, Cambodia)
The end of 2008, looking at you friends have published year-end sentiment and look forward to the new year, the rabbit also wanted to write a “year-end summary” or something. Just “lazy” problems dragged on, ready to fall when the pen has been over the past days. Now to mention 2008, have to say “last year”.
Really want to write this summary, it is not follow the trend, but because of this New Year situation and feel, do not spit unhappy.
This year off, what event the most eye-catching? – Palestine-Israel conflict. From the Christmas so far, Gaza’s war has been extended for more than ten days, still seize the major news version of the headlines.
Pakistan to the conflict, before 2008, I was a bystander; June 2008 arrived in Israel after I was a spectator, can be a little, sit still.
At the end of May 2008, most of the land passed through Israel (very small, two hours of driving can be crossed, seven hours can be longitudinal wear), also traveled several places in the Palestinian autonomy, including Jericho, but did not arrive in Gaza , That is a “mine area”, long-term in the blockade.
If you arrive in Israel, you will know that it is so easy to take the army from the national strength and the Israeli occupation of Gaza – the strength of the two is too poor! Gaza has the “weapons”, in addition to Habas that poor means of attack, only the sympathy of the international community.
How can a Jewish country surrounded by 22 Arab countries be able to survive? A kind of suffering from the two thousand years after the rejuvenation of the nation will have what kind of cohesion? A world recognized the highest IQ of the most money-rich nation will build a strong country? In this way, of course, there is sympathy for Israel’s suspicion, but I do not think that the right to life of Gaza civilians is not worthy of maintenance and sympathy. This seems to be an eternal solution, even if Israel under the pressure of international public opinion and how to stop? The road to peace is so long, and Hamas’s mobs and inferior means will only make peace farther and farther.
I remember when I was writing in Jerusalem, I used to “do not move, many worry; untied, too many knots” to describe the conflict in this region. After going to be only more pessimistic. But I was glad: 2008, I finally arrived in Israel, and in the calm which went through the piece of the world’s most quiet land.
2008, rivers and lakes walking, the road is not small, dangerous is not much, but can not say “calm.” Sometimes recall, I do not know whether it should be secretly snickering, or a sigh.
This year’s rivers and lakes a good turmoil! Through the place, after leaving often not peaceful Left the Lhasa, there was a riot in 314; left Nepal, the royal family on the fall; left India, there was a terrorist attack in Mumbai; left Cambodia, Cambodia and Thailand border sounded. Thought that only the poor areas only, who knows even Greece and Athens is no exception! Israel not to mention, the dispute has never stopped … … and in previous years of travel, it seems not so “coincidence” over.
So to say, “rivers and lakes sinister”, set to the 2008 end of the year to make a footnote, but also not wrong. “Swords” Although not experienced, can be considered passing, how many have a lingering fear.
(Slow, I know someone will say what I am, I can not go to these countries engage in sabotage ah, heaven and earth conscience!
Everyone’s mind has a “rivers and lakes dream” – loner, line chivalry, punish evil and promote good, rob the rich and poor … … rabbit also had a “chivalrous dream”, years old, year after year , Gradually less peak mountain, began to talk only about the wind on politics.
Now, only travel in a strange place, only rivers and lakes walking satisfaction: friends friends, wine and pride, to solve difficulties, to avoid the crisis. In their own rivers and lakes, to do their own dream of the chivalrous woman, holding a gentle sword, to conquer their own world.
2009 wish, to Gao Li said, or that one sentence: I hope the world peace.
To the small said, I wish my rivers and lakes, the wind is sunny, spring bloom.

After the old city of Jerusalem, the Jews met with the Arabs.
(Taken in May 2008 in Israel)

Also rallied in the medieval castle (September 2008 photo taken at the old town square in Prague, Czech Republic)

 Greek St. Trinidad’s logo building – blue and white church, blue as the sea of the Aegean Sea (September 2008)

Were the rain curtain, mottled temple tell how many stories? (In March 2008 in Kathmandu, Nepal)

Hokkaido snow. This stone stands in the streets, I only understand “life tour … …”, want to come is a very philosophical text it
Life has not seen such a big snow! Can be considered to my 2008 rivers and lakes in a last picture of the most beautiful.
(Taken in Japan in December 2008)

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